We’ll take it from here, Chuck

From Action Hero to Industrial Heroes

"The world's toughest job" awaits. But building industries for a more sustainable future is not a job for Hollywood action heroes. With a 180 year industrial track record and a shared drive to solve complex issues, Aker is ready!

Today, Aker’s commitment extends from oil and gas to renewable energy and clean technologies, marine biotechnology and industrial software. As a group, we have access to world-class industrial capabilities and we work together to ensure that oil and gas is produced with the lowest emissions possible. Simultaneously we invest in clean energy solutions to reduce emissions, build new industries and create green jobs for the future.

But we can’t do it all alone. Our campaign is an appeal for collaboration across industry, society and politics to work together to navigate the energy transition and ensure that Norway is at the forefront of its industrialization.

At Aker, we know that real heroes doesn’t come from Hollywood, but from our Norwegian shipyards, offshore oil and gas installations, from wind farm operations, and from behind computer screens using software and industrial data to drive innovation. Together, we are ready for “the world’s toughest job.” We’ll take it from here, Chuck!

The world’s toughest job

From the world's toughest man to the world's toughest (industrial) country

Proud and future-oriented owner

Since 1841, Aker has been a driving force for the development of internationally focused knowledge-based industry in Norway. We are an industrial investment company that exercises active ownership to create value for its shareholders and society at large. We invest in companies which operate in an environmentally, ethically and socially responsible manner. In our capacity as owner, we help develop and strengthen our portfolio companies.

The companies in the Aker family employ about 28,000 people from all over the world. We operate across oil and gas, renewable energy and green technologies, maritime assets, marine biotechnology, and industrial software. We are well positioned to solve the world’s toughest job. By working together, we will solve climate challenges and create future-oriented jobs.

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